Withdrawal and Treatment of Gum
Withdrawal and Treatment of Gum
Olduç gum recessions is a common problem. Patients are emerging aesthetics and precision complaints.

1-Gum disease: 13yaş can be seen from the inflammatory disease is very often not met. Gum tissue and tooth supporting bone (jaw bone) and diseases which result in loss of the affected and females. Progress during the withdrawal of the gums, teeth swingably studies occur. Treatment and good oral hygiene and gum recession are çeşitil occurring in healing tissue is treated in the way.

2-Aging: gum gum recession seen with the withdrawal of the görümüştür.yaşlan is increasing with the aging of the mouth and is widely considered to be physiological.

3-crowding of the teeth: dental crowding in the lineup, disorders of the upper and lower jaw closure due to the narrow olur.çen cause gums to recede from different places in the dental gum can be removed. upon new gum surgical treatment of periodontal surgery after treatment with orthodontic treatment is applied to the open surface, trying to close.

4-incorrect brushing your teeth: Teeth are very harsh, the withdrawal and the exposed surface of the gums when brushing causes a horizontal accuracy.

5-teeth clenching and teeth grinding: the problems encountered at any age, mostly psychological origin, connected to stress. During the day, often sleeping or teeth tightened with great force and cause the gums to recede after a period of sensitivity and aesthetic sorunn olur.diş.

6-Gum connected to the high frenil I called muscle tissue: particularly on the gingival recession seen in the lower front of this treatment can be completely closed.

PROBLEMS caused by gum recession

Aesthetic disorder: the root surface of the gum will cause problems due to the captured image aesthetics.
Hypersensitivity: The exposed root surface is very sensitive to external stimuli. Hot and cold food, drinks and sometimes even air can cause discomfort. This is not good for inflammation of the surface can be brushed. caries occur in the exposed root surface.

The Treatment of gingival recession

treatment is shared with the patient after the diagnosis of the cause of withdrawal. The duration of the operations performed using surgical methods and the patient's willingness gereklidir.baz lost tissue, reconfigure some stage surgical treatment taken from the palate gerektirebilir.k was tissue 'may greft'uygulan, gum tissue shifting or appropriate surgical method by open surface closed. If fıçal incorrect but, if factors such as tooth extraction done it yönlik treatments. Protective pastes used for troubleshooting and precision.

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