What is the life of the implants?
What is the life of the implants?
Implant life is one of the subjects that most curious of patients.

If you need to sort out the question marks in the minds of the patient;

- How long will my implants mouth I Sign?
- Will I have to have this treatment again?
- Will you change anything about my implant?

The answers to these questions are related to the patient completely. Because the proper implementation of the life of a patient's implant prosthetics oral care habits and non-functional or function is directly related to good or bad habits.

Oral care on a regular basis that a patient's implant brushing no teeth to the life or the lack of brushes, too much smoking, too much fizzy drinks consumed and the patient's implant duration of attention to the warnings of doctors vary greatly, of course. Oral care on a regular basis and who stood aloof from the life of a patient's implanted wont damage the teeth lasts much longer.

In patients who have implants or natural teeth while smoking in patients with a very great damage to the teeth. Periyodondetist called the biggest cause of gum disease and bone is adversely affecting smoking. consuming intensively smoking man, 1 package is having great difficulties, even in their own healthy teeth. dental implants will be negatively affected in the same situation.

A good tooth brushing habits is the basis of oral care. We brush our teeth properly is very important. We eat in a continuous manner the so-called microbial dental plaque formed in our mouth after every meal and there is a layer formed by bacteria. It is completely reduce and destroy the patient's hand. We need to do our teeth after every meal for 2 to 3 minutes to brush correctly. If we skip brushing any bacteria that will attack a strong bond between the implant and bone by becoming a phenomenon.

Taking into account all these circumstances, applied correctly, the implant's life is entirely given to the patient's habits and dental health is highly proportional.
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