Possible Complications After Root Canal Treatment
Possible Complications After Root Canal Treatment
Two or three days after the treatment of root canal treatment may be performed dental pain. Be careful not to break with the treated portion to be displayed. painkiller used to relieve pain.

When opened channels for root canal treatment with oxygen in the air can cause bacterial growth is here settle here and leads to the formation of pain and inflammation.
Bacteria can be pushed out of the tooth root tip. There is a small hole that allows users to input tooth of blood vessels at the end of the tooth root. Sometimes during root canal treatment can reach the tissue surrounding the teeth from this small hole. In this case it is also possible in the surrounding infected tissue inflammation. Analgesics and it is possible to drying and treatment of infections with antibiotics. This inflammation can be a painful process until it is clear the process.
During the existence of channel openings in other parts of the tooth root canal therapy or, due to being curved can be generated. Instruments used in root canal treatment are manufactured in a way that adapts to curved channel. But sometimes it can create a hole by the side of the tooth arch unable to provide compliance with the instrument channel. To see if further treatment of female saliva reached this hole or you may need to withdraw. If the saliva far under the gum line may not reach this point and are likely to improve without intervention.
If not entered into a channel or channels are not fully cleaned root, root canal length measured correctly and too close to infected or inflamed dental pulp pieces of root tips can remain infected. The channel as a result of this treatment may be required again. It can have side branches of the root canal and it is not possible to achieve these branches with conventional treatment methods. During root canal treatment tool may break inside the channel. If completed, the canal cleaning and treatment if the broken pieces remain in the root tip is continued in this way. But if not completed the cleaning of the root canal, not the end of the remaining part of the root and stem end so unreachable, part must be taken. It is taken from the upper part of the female, but in some cases may be the only surgical conditions. Apisekto called me to reach the root of the tooth in the process made a small incision in the gum and part of that is taken root partition found.

Does the pain occur?

Generally not felt pain during root canal treatment. Channel with dental treatment and case completely numb parts surrounding it. Drug injection applications through gels and modern injection systems are realized in pain.

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