Our 20 years later cause tooth erupts?
Our 20 years later cause tooth erupts?
Foreigners "wisdom teeth" as they say wisdom teeth come late they say, often they also create problems and dentists immediate withdrawal is recommended. In fact, in many non-function of these teeth is chewing heritage of our ancestors could not discovered us yet to eat and to cook food. Their raw foods are needed for a stronger jaw and teeth to eat.

Already our predicament at the same time all the other teeth. First remove milk teeth. They then remove the incisors and canine teeth after pouring in molars. Wisdom teeth will follow this order may be delayed slightly. All these events, while also continue to develop our chin, but after the age of 20 opens our wisdom teeth to the jaw bone.

Humanity develops our wisdom tooth to jaw remains so little space, that is shrinking steadily in the evolution of the human jaw. Therefore, these teeth can remain buried without ever leaving some people. Instead of rotting able to complete could not sit, can make inflammation. As a function of the dentists prefer not to take away.
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