With your missing teeth with dental implant treatment getirilebilmektedir.implant instead of your own without any process to existing teeth can reach as fixed teeth. Porcelain crowns are made of a dental bridge for a missing tooth, missing teeth, missing teeth treated with 1 instead of 3-membered implant treatment that should be made of the ceramic crown.

Implants, artificial tooth roots inserted into the jaw bone in order to restore their functionality and aesthetic instead of teeth lost due to various reasons.

Facial addition to being a part of the cause of loss of teeth as psychological and social problems of nutrition, leads to digestive problems and speech disorders.
Lack of dental bridges can also be connected to the natural teeth or implants removed and fitted with removable prosthesis implant-supported prosthesis as complete as with conventional methods.

situations where the implants

The stage Implants

Inspection and planning

The implant is made with a multi-disciplinary approach. The surgeon will insert the implant into the jaw bone or dental prosthesis implant prosthesis specialist experts will work together.
Implants can be applied to everyone except people with systemic diseases such as diabetes, severe uncontrollable. Implants are tissue-compatible because they mimic the shape of the natural tooth root made of titanium and they do not cause any allergic and toxic disorders.
A detailed examination of the gums and oral examination phase, such as the relationship between these upper and lower jaw and teeth conditions are examined. Measures taken are also working on plaster models. Classical radiography as well as three-dimensional tomography in complicated cases a special device on the jaw model equally achieved by the region in which to place the implants are planned to minimize mistakes. treatment planning and details will be discussed in detail later in this planning with patients.

placing the implant

A top priority is undoubtedly correct planning for a treat. The operation will be done after the more adequate equipment and done by an experienced team is undoubtedly very important. Implants like any other dental treatment is applied with local anesthesia. But in some cases it is not enough in the jaw bone and tissue grafts we also added the long operation under general anesthesia or sedation in patients or overly stressed, it is necessary operation is performed in a comfortable way.
Making Dentures:

After surgery, a period expected to be connected to the implant and the bone surface called osseointegration. This period depends on the structure of the bone. the superstructure is made after the conclusion of this period. prostheses are made for the continuation of temporary prosthesis until they aesthetics and function after surgery.

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