Dental and Dental Shot After Shot Necessary
Dental and Dental Shot After Shot Necessary
Teeth for various reasons, but most it is drawn by the patient insistence. Tooth extraction in dentistry today is the last thing to be considered; but it has now taken a tendency, even in a small pain among the people. made abscess, tooth decay is believed to have made big teeth or severe pain need immediate withdrawal of teeth. It could be saved by root canal treatment or dental fillings done by telling the patient it is very difficult to convince. Sometimes the results are not convincing insistence patient's tooth can be pulled to remain in the mouth for many years. Tooth extraction is very difficult to decide on an actual physician. We also do not recommend that you deliver your teeth easily. If you have to grind out a result there are points you need to consider:

1 Shot after shot by the doctor who replaced cotton or gauze pad to bite firmly for 20-25 minutes. This buffer, stopping the bleeding in shooting space, leads to the formation of blood clots, which will carry a healthy recovery. You can prevent the formation of clots buffer you change frequently. Clot, shooting the gap will close as a natural buffer and will make the necessary preparations for filling the bone cavity made in the future. If the formation of a clot blocked by a clot or torn attention to the points to be considered impaired wound healing and begin a painful process.

2. If you get a shooting pain after pain relievers except aspirin. Aspirin may prevent bleeding due to blood thinners feature to initiate clotting. Numbness begins to pass, the pain can be severe. In this case it must be taken immediately painkillers. pain in the days following the shooting in the place needles used for anesthesia, can be painful. These pains passes usually within two days.

3. normal slight bleeding in the form of leaks in the period up to 24 hours after the shooting. Do not panic. If heavy bleeding after shooting clean, sterile cotton pad to bite half an hour. Bleeding is not interrupted, contact your doctor if the same violence persists. The buffer can not reach the physician to try to take control of biting longer bleeding. Buffer change frequently, the shooting location by shaking your mouth you do not cause more bleeding. All that you do not cut them, despite the bleeding, we are talking about is very heavy bleeding, my TRANSAIR kesilir- bleeding from a pharmacy with buffer in the form of capsules or taken bulb leaks. an amount of powder or liquid inside the bulb buffer bite firmly into place and dispose shooting. This is our suggestion is valid if there is not much a doctor can not be reached and bleeding. Try to act according to your doctor and proposals must reach under normal conditions.

4. Do not smoke 24 hours after the shooting, do not use alcohol. It prevents the breakage or clot formation in a healthy manner. If you can not stand the cigarette, the bite position your teeth, you should drink enough to suppress your desire to take a few deep breaths and adsorption without much movement. Do not take very hot and cold foods. Because of this, breakage over the clot and cause bleeding to start again. Warm and soft things should be drunk after shooting defeated.

5. Shooting difficult circumstances has occurred for a long time, ie there was an attraction to our parlance koplikasyonl every hour for 8 hours is good to make the application in a 5-10 minute cold outside. In this way you can get under control the swelling and bruising.

6. Sometimes fragile roots during shooting. In this case, the root of the neck, instead of shooting and the physician decide on the release or removal of the root in certain circumstances. Patients should be left to the physician decision in this case. Leaving the root by making the necessary treatment and take 2-3 months or may have to be completely root there under certain circumstances. Whatever the root of the physician to act with logic must be removed at the expense maul you, you are forced to remove the roots may encounter more dangerous. If you go to a doctor trust, give your doctors decide to leave in the face of complications.

7. Do not tamper with the location shooting after shooting your language or any instrument, disturb the wound healing. Teeth, the bone that occur after the shooting found in the bone to remove the patient's stem thinking, trying to identify. If your doctor already had roots will warn you. See your teeth afterwards to be sure; but please bring your home to take the ball microbes. Although the patients see the root impair wound healing broken bones, trying to discover the root sanıp their home language. Be more conscious about it.

8. In the days that followed the shooting day will consist of pain is normal pain and pain relief are cut with light depending on the shooting; but in the days following the shooting began, lifting sleep at night, despite the withdrawal painkillers, consisting of severe pain in the infected wound us to be like pulling teeth, the clot breaks, etc. As the lot is understood that an abnormal event. In this case, you should consult a physician, made the necessary dressing and treatment should be provided. making the necessary oral antibiotic dressing on your doctor, you will immediately feel relief when he needed painkillers for mouthwash and oral hygiene. Pain can just cut; but lighter. Doctors give drugs only alleviate your pain if the roads may take 2-3 days. You can print a physician for a sweet dressing. Sometimes there is no need for dressing; but when you look at your teeth with a mirror inflammatory fluid, pus can see and feel this great space if you need dressing and it will relieve you of your tongue too. Sometimes dressings and a 5-minute relax so that you can get rid of your painful to spend 2-3 days. If you have severe pain after shooting, your doctor; "I could be alleviated more quickly dressing BEEN PERFORMED my pain in this situation? Do you know the status of my mouth you better, but I was very uncomfortable, "establishing such sentences can alert without breaking it. If dressing will do if necessary. "No, not necessary," If you make a logical explanation, saying, "I would not necessarily dressing," said the anchor.
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