Dental Anatomy
Dental Anatomy
To pull off the task of human teeth and nutrients to grinding. According to the way they work and do; incisors, canines, premolars and large molar teeth is called. They appear from the gums in the mouth portion of the tooth called the enamel crown and is covered with a layer called. Crown and root sections at the confluence of the cervical (neck) is called. the dentin layer below the enamel layer takes place name. The remaining layer below the cut cement the crown given name. There is a space where dentin and cementum wrap station is part of the tooth is filled with burasıda and called the pulp tissue inside. This channel is connected to the surrounding normal tissue with only a small hole in the stem. Teeth located between the cementum and jaw bone is connected to the fibers and thus remains in the mouth.

What Are the Different Dental Department?

• Crown: the top part of the tooth and the only place that can be clearly seen. It determines the crown shape of the tooth's function. For example, a sharp front teeth are shaped for cutting food, the molars have flat surfaces for grinding the nutrients.
• Gum Line: Teeth is where the gum meets. If the proper brushing and dental cleaning to be done, at the gumline plaque and tartar formed, it can lead to gingivitis and gum disease.
• Root: The part of the tooth that is embedded in bone. The root makes up about two-thirds of the tooth and holds the tooth in place.
• Mine is the outermost layer of the tooth. Mine also is the hardest and the most mineralized tissue in the body. Correct oral hygiene can result if the condition is not met decay.
• Dentin: the tooth under the enamel layer. Caries can scroll through the enamel, dentin, where it will get the next one. This section contains millions of tiny tubes lead to pulp.
• Pulp: in the center of the tooth, soft tissue where the nerve tissue and blood vessels. When caries reaches the pulp, it usually feels pain.

There are several different kinds of teeth?

Every tooth has a specific function of:
• Cutting Teeth: Food sharp front teeth used for cutting (four upper and four lower).
• Canines: Dogs teeth, also called the teeth, has a pointed end and sever benefits.
• Small fewer teeth: two bumps on the chewing surfaces of the teeth (spikes) are available. .Küçük Molars crushing and breaking benefits.
• Few teeth: used to grind foods. Chewing surface has multiple hump.
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