Children's Dental Development
Children's Dental Development
Tooth development; ossification, the milk teeth come out and is followed by a sequence change as the permanent teeth. The first ossification begins in the womb at 14 weeks gestation and continues with the completion of 3 years of age and ends around milk teeth with permanent teeth completion of 25 years. Ossification of the tooth tip toward the root. completed their maturation teeth, some children born after a certain sequence with a dry cough for a few days during the emergence of the drilling çıkar.diş gums, sleep disorders, irritability, fever görülebilir.diş removing age shows individual differences. thyroid hormones and genetic features are the main factors that affect the dental development. He is not interested in the nutritional status at the time between when teething.

Lack of fluoride salt increases the tendency to tooth decay. You can follow the evolution of the dental age in the diagram.
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